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5 Signs That Will Help You Identify The Next Tinder Swindler

Tinder Swindler Signs

The world is a scary place and we unfortunately always have to keep our eyes peeled for danger. Sometimes it comes at you in the midst of the most beautiful things like love. In this article, we look at some signs of dangers and scam artists like the Tinder Swindler.

Signs That Will Help You Identify The Next Tinder Swindler

There’s quite a lot to look into but here are some characteristics of Simon Leviev aka, the Tinder Swindler:

  1. They create an attractive profile and identity that exudes power, wealth, and status. Just like Simon, they post pictures that show and glorify their wealth and successes.
  2. They tend to “Love-bomb” victims: This simply means they show victims grand expressions of affection, including moving rapidly towards being “a couple” and discussing a possible future together and suddenly pulling it all away with no warning.
  3. Some also manufacture an “emergency” that urgently requires financial help. This should be the largest red flag. The emergencies include business situations, medical problems or criminal justice issues such as claiming to have been arrested overseas.
  4. After gaining your trust, they escalate these financial demands over time. For instance, by asking victims to transfer money, register credit cards or take out bank loans. Never send money you cannot afford to lose.
  5. Finally, they will proceed to threaten, abuse or coerce the victim if they refuse. When they now know they have you under their spell, they take things to another level and threaten you and pr your family into submission.

We’re not saying these are direct indicators or the only signs but they are very likely to be similar to this. It could happen to anyone and will cause physical, mental and financial damage. Stay safe and vigilant in your search for love on and offline.

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