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Instagram Plans To Introduce Monthly Subscriptions for Creators


Instagram is planning to add a new feature that requires users to subscribe to specific creators’ accounts. This is seen as an effort to enable creators to use their profiles as ways of earning money on the platform. With this feature, users may have to pay to view Stories or any other content uploaded by creators on Instagram.

This news has come forth now as indications of its have now started showing up on the Apple App Store. According to reports, an Instagram Subscriptions category has shown up on the App store in the U.S. and India. This hints heavily on the possibility of the feature making a wider rollout over time.

As reported by TechCrunch, the Instagram app for iOS is updated with new in-app purchases named Instagram Subscriptions with prices between $0.99 (about KES 110) and $4.99 (about KES 557) in the U.S.

A few users reiterated these reports on Twitter confirming that their have spotted the new subscription plans on the App Store as well. However, Instagram has not yet made any official announcement about the feature or its planned rollout.

This move does seem reasonable enough as it follows a trend that we have seen amongst social media platforms. This includes Twitter who recently rolled out Super Follows on all iOS devices worldwide. Like Instagram’s, Twitter’s feature aims at getting influencers and creators earn a living through their profiles and the content they post everyday.

Despite a slow start, Twitter has been adamant on making the feature work and the wider rollout was a clear indication of that. So, it’s only a matter of time until we see Instagram get on the same boat and launch its own feature.

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