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Netflix Gives Viewers A Chance To Play ‘Squid Game’ in Real Life

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Netflix users across the globe are currently buzzing as they binge the new show that has everyone talking on social media. Squid Game, a South Korean thriller series is undoubtedly an intriguing show and I can attest to that after having just watched the final episode. This is not just because of the gruesome scenes it has, but the incredible story twists it offers in almost every episode. And by now, it is pretty clear that Netflix wants the show to continue being a conversation starter everywhere. The streaming giant seems to have come up with an interesting way to now have viewers experience the show in real life.

This is through a series of quiz videos dubbed “The Swoon Quiz” on YouTube that take you through the whole process that we see the show’s characters go through. The positive side is that you won’t be seeing anyone get shot in real life.

The quiz begins with an introductory video with clips from the actual series and captions that direct to initially choose whether to play the game or not. As the clip ends, two linked videos with two choices then pop up which you have to click instantly to move to the next round.

If you choose to play the game, the linked video takes you to the next where you now have to choose whether to play solo or form an alliance. Obviously, it wouldn’t be safe to go through survival games alone. So choosing to form an alliance gets you to survive the first round. The next round would then let you choose a teammate based on either strength or wit.

By now, you can already tell that there are various endings to this and it all depends on the choices you make just like what the show’s characters go through. So, without spoiling it, you can get to play through the video linked above.

Squid Game is currently breaking viewing records on Netflix as everyone gets to see what it’s all about. So, it might not be surprising if other game versions start to pop up for people to relive the scary experience.

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