Spotify Adds New ‘Enhance’ Button To Automatically Add Songs To Your Playlists


It is common for an audiophile to find themselves stuck once in a while when it comes to their daily playlists. There are those times when you just can’t seem to find a new favourite song worthy of being part of your playlist. But Spotify has identified that issue and will now help you automatically spruce up up your tracklists. This is thanks to the new “Enhance” button that users can tap have recommended songs presented to them based on their music’s existing style and theme.

The button is set to begin appearing at the top of playlists with Spotify currently rolling out the feature to users worldwide. You simply have to tap it thus causing Spotify’s algorithm to automatically add recommended songs meant to fit into your playlist. You won’t be able to miss these songs as they will be marked with a bright green sparkles icon. This is to indicate that they were not part of your original list and can be added permanently by tapping the plus button.

According to Spotify, these songs will not replace or mess up with your existing playlist tracks. They can also be easily removed from the list by toggling off the Enhanced button at the top of your playlist.

Users will also not have to worry about the recommendations drowning out their original songs. This is because the algorithm will be allowed to only add a maximum of 30 songs with the additions spaced out after every two tracks.

The feature is set to roll out to Spotify Premium subscribers in selected countries over the next month. The company highlights that additional countries will be involved in the coming months.

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