OPPO Kenya Set To Launch Its First 5G-Enabled Smartphone

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Kenya has gradually been moving to the next phase of connectivity that is 5G as telcos look to start improving customer experience with super high-speed internet. This was witnessed through the rollout of the network by Safaricom as Airtel continues working on upgrading its infrastructure to accommodate 5G as well. Well, this would also be made possible with the rollout of devices that support the network and OPPO seems to be aware of this need.

The smartphone brand has now confirmed its plans to start offering many diverse 5G-enabled products as the market continues to warm into the migration. This will begin with the OPPO Reno6 that is set to launch in Kenya in early September.

“To meet consumers’ growing enthusiasm for videos in 5G era, OPPO 5G smartphones are able to create a seamless experience covering video shooting, optimizing, and editing for users with innovative technologies and applications, such as SoLoop smart video editor app which have successfully optimized the process of filming, editing, viewing, and sharing. These are features that users will get to enjoy with the introduction of the OPPO Reno6,” states OPPO Kenya.

“In general, the lightning speed that 5G provides is just further optimization of the previous generation of mobile network technology. It is the most fundamental of experiences that 5G technology provides and the most perceptible in our daily lives.”

Over the last few years, 5G has been highly regarded as the one step that will take not just tech but all industries to the next level. And by the speeds alone, one can tell that communication will soon become the easiest thus transforming operations across all fields. So, it is just a matter of time before all stakeholders in the ICT sector adopt the network similar to what other markets are doing.

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