M-Pesa Agent Faces Jail Time For Wrongfully Withdrawing KES 271,000


Remember that question in CRE that would ask, what would you do if you found 1000 shillings on the ground? You know what answer you gave! Well a similar predicament has fallen to M-Pesa Agent, Elizabeth Karimi Muthoni who now risks 2 years in jail for withdrawing money that wasn’t hers.

Erroneous M-Pesa Withdrawal Could Mean Jail Time

After KES 271,200 was erroneously sent to her M-Pesa account, Elizabeth now risks spending two years in jail for keeping and withdrawing that amount. Appearing before Kibera Senior Principal Magistrate Philip Mutua on Monday, she admitted to withdrawing the money.

According to the Business Daily, The whole ordeal was caused by a Mr. Bakar Hussein Mohamed who while buying an M-Pesa agent account in Kitengela, mistakenly sent the float money to the wrong account. The wrong account is in this case the one that belongs to Ms. Muthoni.

KCB Bank did try to reverse the money but to no avail seeing as Ms. Muthoni had already withdrawn some of the money. Even though Ms. Muthoni told the court that she had only withdrawn part of the money, she is still going to b held accountable.

She went on to say that she was in talks with Mr. Mohamed on repaying him but the court was not having it. After pleading guilty to theft charges, the court slapped her with a KES 200,000 fine. Should she not pay the fine, she is looking at a minimum of 2 years in prison.

For the readers out there, think twice before you take something you are not sure of its whereabouts. Not a great way to end the year.

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