Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 Videos To Watch


The next generation of foldable devices are here and Samsung took to the stage to make sure we know well about them. And like every new device, it is always expected for us to hear the famous words from various YouTubers: “Hey, I’ve had this device for two weeks now.” However, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 still feel like new form factors despite the fact that their kind has been here for almost 3 years now. For that, they still tend to look a little more complicated and their price points make that even louder. So, who better to give deeper insight on the devices than those who’ve already had hands-on experiences with them?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Of course, the Z Fold 3 was the most anticipated of the duo bearing in mind the history that the lineup bears so far. Luckily, Samsung has steadily been working on a solution to the horrible start of the Fold family and this device seems to be the best so far. Even by just looking at it, one can tell that durability was the word lingering on the designer’s mind all the time. With the improved hinge, more compact look and more streamlined finish, it sure does look like an upgrade.

But there certainly has to be more to it than just the design, including the new software, the new S Pen Stylus and the under-display camera. So, here are the best videos that offer deep dives on all these key points:

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

The Z Flip 3 is an interesting one as it was never really required to offer much of an upgrade from its predecessor. But that did not hinder Samsung from designing a handset that would still appeal to anyone in 2021. With this device, it was clear that the manufacturer focused more on the smaller details that are noticed as a user continues to the device longer. This includes the slightly bigger notification screen, the flatter edges and the tighter hinge among more. So, there are videos that offer more explanation on what has really changed.

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