Here’s How To Check Your KPLC Bill Via SMS – Updated


There are a few ways to check your KPLC bill. One of them being through the E-bill querying service from the company. The E-bill allows you to check your electricity account balance and bill due date any time, by SMS or e-mail. 

The most recent one is through their new number and USSD code.

How The KPLC E-bill Works


Starting first August 2020, the call service lets you inquire about different services from KPLC. Including:

  1. Your electricity account balance and the due date for your bill.
  2. Other Prepaid and Post Paid services
  3. Clarify the authenticity of KPLC agents

According to KPLC, all you need to do is Call 97771 or dial *977#

Email Service

With this method, you can check your electricity account balance and bill due date via e-mail. You can follow these steps to get the details:

  1. Open a new e-mail message.
  2. Type the first part of your account number in the subject field. For example, if your account number is 998877-01, just type 998877.
  3. Email the blank message to [email protected] Within a few minutes, you will receive an automatic reply with your account balance details and payment due date.

Tip: They also seem to reply rather quickly on Twitter so you can also Direct message them your Account number and issue on their account: @KenyaPower_Care.

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  1. Have been trying to check my bill but not getting it my account number is 32082760

  2. Have been trying to check mine2 but all in vain

  3. Have tried to check mine but no answer

  4. Even me too what’s really wrong with your system guys?

  5. Thos is not working anymore

  6. This system is not working and inquiries give NO reply or it is a SCAM?????

  7. This USSD code changed over a month ago. Trying to get teh new one to no avail

  8. Checking my bal my no is 38427940

  9. why KPL demand power bill of a runaway tenant from Landlord on what act.

  10. The system is isn’t responding after many bill request

  11. No response yet

  12. no response

  13. KPLC on efficiency. Their systems have not ? working for long and yet they don’t seem bothered. The sms as well as the email have no response. This is very sad in this age.

  14. Seems kenyapower no longer answer back inquiries?

  15. this is not working, KPLC has been a Scam since it’s incorporation

  16. Kplc customer care is a scam! None of these platforms work! Shame!

  17. Dial *977#

  18. Do I minus the latest bill from the amount due to get what am supposed to Pay??? Help a friend

  19. It’s taking forever to get my bill statement. What’s up kplc?

  20. I am trying to get my bill by using 95551 but it’s not coming, did kplc change the number or the method

  21. How much does this sms phone has 50bob airtime and they r saying I don have

  22. No response on my request for a bill for my account no. 82390160
    Why taking too long?

  23. *977# is working. Try it guys. Hope it works for you too

  24. i cant understand my bill sms for it contains two parts, latest bill and balance, what is the meaning?

  25. No wonder you are the most mismanage parastatal. A company enjoying full monopoly cannot even replace a rotten pole.

  26. i have tried to check my bill my account number is 72320197

  27. Am really disappointed with the kplc system just up date them please AK

  28. Dial *977# Then follow the instructions

  29. Thank you. *977# works

  30. No response

  31. Just use this querry:

  32. i’m getting two bills, latest bill and amount due. which is which ? what do i pay ?

  33. This system is vry annoying,disgracing en it’s just bt feedback at all

  34. Give me my tokens as from may2021 100+50+50 total 200ksh pls account 14244717618

  35. Please check my bill, my account number is 33506361

  36. KPLC is a joke, everyday they change their codes apart from the paybill numbers. It is really annoying.

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