This Toolkit Helps You Check If Your Phone Is Being Secretly Monitored

Phone Monitored

Following news on Pegasus Spyware, (Allegations state that fully updated smartphones can be hacked with a single text message) a lot of people have been wondering whether they are being spied on. In case you’ve been questioning the privacy on your phone this is the time to clear your conscience. This new toolkit will let you know if your phone is being monitored or not.

Is Your Phone Being Monitored?

Dubbed the Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT), it works on both iPhones and Android devices, but slightly differently. According to Amnesty’s researchers, they find that more forensic traces are on iPhones than Android devices. This makes it easier to detect on iPhones.

How It Works

Essentially, the now launched tool checks if your phone has been affected by the spyware. The tool will let you take an entire iPhone backup and feed in for any indicators of compromise (IOCs). If you have an encrypted iPhone backup, you can also use the tool to decrypt your backup without having to make a whole new copy.

Using the tool involves backing up your phone to a separate computer and running a check on that backup. At the moment, the tool works on the command line. This means it’s not a refined and polished user experience and requires some basic knowledge of how to navigate the terminal.

However, if you want a detailed guide on how to install and use it, click here.


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