Netflix Will Now Let You Stream Partially Downloaded Content on Android

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Netflix has added a new feature set to bring in the experience that gamers have had for quite some time, the ability to stream partial downloads.

The streaming giant confirmed that users on Android can now stream content that is partially downloaded on the Netflix app. The feature is already rolling out globally so users will no longer need to wait for content to fully download in order to watch it.

This is a feature that a lot of PC gamers especially those who play titles from big publishers can relate to. Clients like and Ubisoft Connect have allowed people to play games as they download. This is so convenient especially when the download process seems too slow because of slow internet speeds or huge sized content.

Unfortunately, the feature is not available for iOS users although it’s expected to come in the near future. Owners of Android smartphones and tablets will be the lucky ones to receive it first as testing for iOS begins over the next few months, according to Netflix.

Android users can now start testing out the feature by running the latest version of the app. How much of the content has to be downloaded before you’re able to stream isn’t still clear. But as explained by the company, it seems you’ll be able to watch no matter how much has been downloaded.

So in case you have about half of the download, it’s pretty much the same as a user that only has 10% of the content.

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