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Twitter Reacts To The Disappointing Absence of MacBook Pro At WWDC 2021

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Apple held its anticipated WWDC 2021 event on Monday, June 7th with techies across the world expecting an array of new products from the tech giant. True to it, the event saw Apple introduce the new iOS 15 that is set to not just improve iPhones but also take the ‘ecosystem’ to a whole new level. This was mostly highlighted by the surprising announcement of FaceTime being made available on Android and Windows.

But prior to the event, it seemed pretty clear that everyone was expecting Apple to not just present software advancement but also some new hardware. This includes a new MacBook Pro that is said to come with an all-new M1X chip. And from Twitter, you could tell how expectant Apple fans were.

Others even had leaks of the device’s specifications and were certain that they would make an appearance at the event.

Unluckily, Apple seemed to have the WWDC 2021 strictly for software products as it has always been over previous years.

So, you can just imagine the patience that was demanded from the multitude of viewers only to have Tim Cook say goodbye without showing any sort of computer.

Even our senior editor could not hide his disappointment.

It is not clear who exactly started this MacBook at WWDC train, but they definitely had many if not most people fooled. However, we have seen that the last few Apple events have some surprise cameos from a few new products that no one expected. So it is understandable to see why many people would actually expect Apple to do the same for this event.

There is definitely a new MacBook Pro on its way and the various tipsters probably had tangible evidence to speculate this. But maybe it wouldn’t be too crazy to assume that Tim Cook decided to drop the unveiling as a double bluff. Who knows?

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