Dell, Intel, Samsung and Little Sponsor Africa’s First Consumer Tech Expo – Vifaa Tech Festival


The wheels are turning and cruising speeds have been reached as we get closer to Vifaa Tech Festival. In case you’re not in the know, Vifaa Tech Festival is a two-day consumer tech expo that seeks to bring together industry stakeholders and consumers onto one platform.

This is the first edition of the planned annual event and our aim is to provide a launchpad to showcase ideas, flagship products, and technology to millions of Africans. Due to the pandemic, this edition will be a virtual event featuring keynote speeches, product launches, showcases, panel discussions and interactive games for attendees.

As the d-day gets closer, we’re happy to announce that we have received great support from a number of brands who have partnered with us as sponsors and enablers of the event in different capacities. At the helm of it all is Nation Media Group (NMG) who have been a key partner since the inception of the idea, from toying with different names, different concepts and finally landing on what we have today.

Our partnership with NMG is strategic as we aim to reach 100% reach effectiveness of the event for both our sponsors and attendees. Through the group’s wide reach, we are able to offer great milestones for our sponsors through select media deliverables and brand-specific campaigns around the event. With this in mind, we’re happy to announce that Dell and Intel have come together to be Gold Sponsors for Vifaa Tech Festival.

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Dell and Intel’s involvement spans steering conversations around technology as an enabler in today’s world – especially with work from home. Leveraging Dell’s vast experience on both consumer and commercial products, Vifaa Tech Festival aims to spark the conversation on hybrid workplaces in the work from home era as well as the emergence of eSports and mobile gaming in the region.

“We’re seeing new ways of interacting with technology, emerge for organizations, employees, customers, and consumers. At Dell Technologies, we believe this do-from-anywhere world is here to stay and we’ll continue to see people do more from wherever they are. With many people working and learning from home, connectivity and productivity have become key. Consumers have ramped up investments in consumer technology, from productive work-from-home setups including smart laptops and monitors to gaming equipment. As the world becomes more connected, smart and AI-enabled devices will also become more prevalent, in both communicating with others and improving quality of life, and this is a trend that will continue.

With this increasing demand for technology and digital workplace environments,  a platform like VIFAA Tech Festival allows us to launch products in the African market in front of the right audience.

Dell Technologies has been an active enabler in the African region and as proud to partner with Gadgets Africa to launch a first of its kind consumer electronics conference,” said Secil Seyfe, Marketing Director, Dell Technologies

Joining the two is Samsung, which comes in as a Silver sponsor. Our collaboration with Samsung has a few surprises under the sleeve and while we cannot give away too much, all we can say is the consumer space in Kenya will surely see a shift during and after this festival.

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Lastly, we have Little – a Craft Silicon brand – who join us as an enabling partner, helping Vifaa Tech Festival reach the right audience and bringing a little pomp and flair to the fun side of the event. With less than two weeks to go, the ball is in your court – don’t you want to be part of Africa’s first consumer tech expo? Register to attend for free and get to experience this as we make history together!



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