KOT eSports Tournament Concludes With KES 60,000 Rewards To Winners

KOT esports
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This past weekend saw the start of the anticipated KOT eSports FIFA tournament that saw various young Kenyans battle it out for three cash prizes. This was with the winner managing to take home KES 30,000 followed by the first and second runners-up taking KES 2o,000 and KES 10,000 respectively.

Like any other eSports tournament, this competition saw a spirited fight with two pro gamers, Joel Mong’are and Lil Saks facing each other in the final. Unfortunately for the latter, Joel Mong’are was too good and eventually came out as the ultimate winner in the PlayStation 5 FIFA match.

As expected, any kind of competition demands lots of skill and experience which is something Joel Mong’are seemed to have loads of. This is mostly because he is not just an avid gamer but a professional who is registered with the Kenyan esports team, Masters of Mayhem (MoM254).

The team is popularly recognised in the Kenyan gaming scene having signed a number of talented FIFA and Tekken gamers. Other than the two titles, Masters of Mayhem also signs talents who specialise in other games including NBA 2K, PUBG and Apex Legends.

This competition is definitely a positive step towards the promotion of professional gaming in a society that seems to have a hard time accepting it. This is mostly because of the conservative view towards gaming that is regarded as a “waste of time” or “brain rotting” activity. Contrary to that, the industry is one that has proven in many countries across the country to be productive and one that young adults can choose as a full-time career.

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