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Beware of This KCB Scam Providing False Investment Advice

KCB Scam

During these seemingly dark and difficult times, most of us are looking for ways to secure our futures. For some, that means investing in a variety of their assets. Unfortunately, there’s a group of scam artists using the KCB brand purporting to give investment advice and we are here to warn you against them.

KCB Scam: False Investments

Earlier today, KCB Group on Twitter reported the fake page:

Our attention has been drawn to a Fake page that has been purporting to provide investment advice as the KCB Brand. We would like to notify the public that the page in question is fraudulent and to exercise extreme caution.

Since then users took to Facebook to report the page and it looks like it has been taken down.

The scam artists had gone a step further and even had a website but it looks like that is gone as well. This situation seems to be handled but there are still so many scam pages out there.

Just on Gadgets Africa, we have reported almost 10 scams this year alone and they will not stop coming. We are all trying to make a living but unfortunately, some take pride form scamming others.

We urge you to be vigilant of these and should you note any other scams, send us a message on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and we will alert the larger community.

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