TikTok Adds Safety Guide To Help Guardians Protect Kids

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Today TikTok is rolling out its refreshed Safety Center with a new guide and resources. They are aimed at supporting digital safety conversations among families. TikTok’s goal is to make it easy for parents to understand how the platform works. It will also show them the tools they can use to create the best experience for their family.

TikTok Guardian’s Safety Guide

A Guardian’s Guide to TikTok

The Guardian’s Guide is a one-stop shop to learn all about TikTok. This includes

  1. How to get started on the platform
  2. The safety and privacy tools, such as the Family Pairing features
  3. Additional resources to address common online safety questions.

This range of choices and settings empowers parents and caregivers looking for easy ways to engage in their teen’s life online.

Bullying education and prevention resources

TikTok has developed a bullying prevention guide in partnership with a range of global experts, including the Cyberbullying Research Center, Net Family News, and TikTok’s US Content Advisory Council. The guide offers information to help people

  • identify bullying
  • access to tools that combat harassment
  • local resources to get help if someone is undergoing bullying
Videos on TikTok’s approach to platform safety

TikTok’s approach to safety spans policies, products, and partners. This is as the platform builds a community where creativity and creative expression can thrive. The Safety Center now offers parents and guardians a look into their safety ecosystem.

It does this through new videos on how TikTok approaches safety, its Community Guidelines, and resources available to them. TikTok terms this as an important part of how it can support families on TikTok.

That’s why TikTok makes it accessible to everyone directly from their settings and other parts of the app.

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