Ultimate Parent Hack: Turn Your Phone Into A Kid Friendly Space

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It’s come to my attention, after numerous family gatherings that kids can sometimes be a bother and you just want to distract them. So, what many parents do is give their kids their smartphones to distract them with the likes of baby shark and Coco melon. This is quite risky seeing as an accidental touch could lead to a purchase you did not authorize or an email sent to the wrong person. So to help you be sure your kid is just watching that one thing and not buying stuff online/sending weird messages, let’s teach you how to turn on kid space.

How To Turn On Kid Space

iPhone, Guided Access

The guided keeps the iPhone in a single app and allows you to control the features available.

  1. Go to your home screen and swipe down.
  2. When the search box appears, type in guided access and open it
  3. Turn it on
  4. Go to the app you want to use, say YouTube
  5. Start the video you want to play
  6. Triple-click the volume down button and Guided access will start
  7. Triple-click again and then choose the functions you want to turn off
  8. Here you can turn off the motion sensors, volume buttons, touch sensors and even set a time limit.
  9. To turn it off, triple-click the side buttons again and choose to end it

Here, not all phones have this feature but if you have a 2019 or later smartphone there should be a parental settings feature where you can choose specific apps for kids to use. However, if you have an OPPO, you can turn on Kid Space.

  1. Go to settings and search for Kid Space
  2. Click it
  3. Set a timer
  4. Choose the apps you want your child to use
  5. Choose to turn off mobile data

This will help prevent unwanted charges and purchases, prevent system modifications and prevent addiction. If you do not have this, you can download an app like this that accommodates all games in one. The Google space is not out for all devices but it should be coming out soon for all.

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