Public Accountants Body Launches Portal To Help Kenyans File Taxes

Image courtesy Simtax

A new portal meant to assist Kenyans file tax returns has been launched today by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPAK). By visiting, taxpayers across the country will be able to communicate with expert accountants to ensure their tax returns are as accurate as possible. Consequently, it will help many avoid the risk of penalties by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

Speaking during the launch, ICPAK chief executive Edwin Makori said, “Only 1.38 million Kenyans filed taxes last year out of a possible 3.8 million Kenyans. Our tax returns project( enables Kenyans to register and be allocated a qualified accountant to handle their tax returns as well as other tax issues.”

He added on that the portal is designed to eliminate instances where any unauthorized individuals offer the service at a fee without having any expertise. This will protect Kenyans from being exposed to the risk of hefty penalties for failing to meet the tax timelines.

“Only a professional of good standing at ICPAK understands the magnitude of the non-compliance problem. With each tax filing done, KRA will have details of the individual accountant who submitted the processed form and will be held liable in case of any errors, not the individual or corporate taxpayers,” Mr Makori said.

“And with Covid-19 pandemic, it is advisable for Kenyans to use an online portal they have faith in to fulfill their tax obligations seamlessly. We will charge a convenience fee of Sh500 where each applicant will be linked to a certified accountants’ firm that will handle their tax issues.”

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