Safaricom Home Fibre Now Offers Upto 250x More Internet Speeds

Safaricom Home Fibre
Image Courtesy Safaricom

Safaricom has announced its new permanent changes to its Home Fibre bandwidth that will see customers get speeds up to 150% quicker. Across the various packages, these adjustments have now led to an increase of speeds from a minimum of 60% to 250% for the premium offers. This will be effective from March 1st 2021.

This was actually a change we expected for a while since it seemed unreasonable for the telco to go back to its old speeds. In fact, it is highly likely that the Home Fibre service will become even more popular since the basic package has been made better.

  1. Bronze (8Mbps)- KES 2,900
  2. Silver (20Mbps)- KES 3,999
  3. Gold (40Mbps)- KES 5,999
  4. Diamond (100Mbps)- KES 11,999

The action is also welcome bearing in mind that a number of Kenyans are still working from him as firms look to make the structure a regular thing.

However, the prices for the premium Gold and Diamond packages have been brought up by KES 300 and KES 500 respectively. But it is difficult to see why customers that subscribe to these packages would find it difficult to pay some few extra coins.

The existing customers will be able to keep enjoying their regular speeds that had been doubled last year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The action was a sign of goodwill from the firm to its customers who had just started working and studying from home. But it was also beneficial to Safaricom that saw a surge in the number of new Home Fibre users.

So, which package are you subscribing to?

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