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Take This Quiz and Find Out What You Really Know About COVID-19

Fake News Quiz

Ever seen one of those ‘Forwarded as received’ messages? Well, their premise is based on the fact that the sender is not too sure of the information on the text. Furthermore, they do not want to be implicated if the intel is false. You may have good intentions but false information is still false information. The trend has been especially rampant with the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in a lot of fake news. Well, someone is thinking on how to curb this and a simple quiz looks to be a good start.

Africa’s First COVID-19 Fake News Quiz

This is a website that hosts an internet-based quiz focused on COVID-19 misinformation. The quiz is set to test your knowledge of COVID-19. You may be surprised at what you/others consider the ‘gospel truth’.

The website was launched under the Young Africa Leaders Initiative (YALI) and challenges experts and novices on what they know to be true. It does this while informing you of the reasons as to why what is true is true.

It takes into account facts, myths and misconceptions about the virus and turns them into questions with multiple choice answers. For instance, the question of whether animals transmit the virus peaks my interest. They give you answers based on information from official sources so you never have to be afraid of answering questions.

If you think you’re up to the task, maybe you can take the quiz too. Here are some of the questions…

  1. Are thermal scanners most effective when pointed at the forehead?
  2. Do animals Transmit COVID-19?
  3. Should you wear a mask when exercising?
  4. Did Google and Apple install tracking software on phones worldwide to help governments track people diagnosed with COVID-19?

Here’s my result. What’s yours?

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