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This Meme Generator Lets You Put Bernie Sanders Anywhere in the World

Bernie Sanders

So from our last post on Bernie Sanders and the travelling he is doing in Kenya, it’s only fair that he travels around the world right? Well, this new meme generator lets you put him anywhere you would like.

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Bernie Sanders Meme Generator

You may have seen the many memes of Sen. Bernie Sanders sitting at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. If you have not, check out the best ones here and then come back. I’ll wait… Promise

Thanks… but now there’s a website that lets you easily drop Bernie and his chair all over the world with the help of Google Maps’ Street View. (via Android Central). Simply put in a location or address in the website, and after one button click, you’ll have an image of Bernie sitting wherever you specified.

After a few tests with random areas in Kenya, we can confirm that it works. It is a pretty basic website but the joke still lives on,. Here’s an idea of what it looks like.

Bernie Sanders

It’s not the most accurate depiction and neither is it fast. This might be because of all the traffic it is getting. As you can imagine, so many people want to participate in this new movement. But for what it’s worth, kudos to the creators of this evolving meme generator.

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