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President Museveni Blames Facebook For Uganda Internet Shutdown

Image courtesy CNN

The last few days have been full of tension for Kenya’s Western neighbours Uganda as the election day continues to draw close. The political unease in the country was made even louder to the rest of the world when Facebook decided to suspend accounts belonging to a number of government officials. According to the social network, this was done as the officials were believed to be part of the chaos ensuing in the country.

Well, that was shortly followed by an internet shutdown on Tuesday 13th ordered by the incumbent President Museveni.

Later on, Museveni appeared in front of the country in a televised speech where he explained the reason for the sudden shutdown. The country’s leader went ahead to blame Facebook of arrogance and bias leading to this decision.

He added on that he would not accept anybody to play with the country or decide who (political candidates) is good or bad. He went on to say that if Facebook was to operate in Uganda, it should be used impartially.

The order form the president yesterday was directed to all the telcos to block access to all social media and messaging platforms. This was followed by a surge of complaints from citizens of the country who could not seem to access Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat.

The decision from Museveni has been condemned by foreign governments including the U.S.. UN Secretary-General reiterated the same calling for respect of human rights.

Twitter also responded to the actions from the African leader saying the shutdown violates basic human rights and the principles of an open internet.

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