Safaricom, JTL Ordered To Block Streaming Sites That Air SuperSport Channels

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The last few years have seen a boom in illegal streaming websites with most of them turning to live sports. As expected, this has never sat well with Multichoice, owners of DStv as they tend to lose lost of money from these pirating sites.

Well, the High Court of Kenya might have just come to the rescue with a new order directed at two internet service providers to take down or disable all these websites.

The order against Safaricom and Jamii Telecom is a blow to sports fans across the country who rely on such sites to watch their favourite matches.

Justice Wilfrida Okwany gave temporary orders targeting sites that are suspected to be illegally airing Multichoice’s content without the company’s consent.

The South African service provider sued Safaricom and Jamii Telecom over copyright infringement late last year. According to Multichoice, these two ISPs had previously ignored the pay-TV service’s request to take down these sites.

“Section 35B of the Copyright Act obligates an Internet service provider to take down any infringing content within 48 hours of being served with a takedown notice,” says MultiChoice in court papers.

“The rebroadcasting, retransmitting or replicating the exclusive content of the applicant without their authorisation is a breach of their rights, is unlawful and causes irreparable economic loss to the applicant, not to mention other losses and evils that piracy perpetrates,” reads the papers.

On the other hand, the two ISPs denied all these claims arguing that these sites do not belong to them so they would not have any right to disable them.

As it stands, all these firms will have to do block access of these sites from their subscribers within 48 hours, unless a counter-notice objecting to the takedown is filed.

Do you think these streaming websites should be blocked?

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