DCI Detectives Arrest Notorious International Calls Hacking Suspect


In a rather busy morning for the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, DCI, the arrest of cyber espionage suspect Archibald Kalela in Taita Taveta took the days cake.

Cyber Espionage: The DCI Chase

52-Yr-Old Archibald is today under scrutiny by the DCI where they discovered devices used in the interception, access & transmission of messages to unauthorized recipients.

Acting on intelligence, detectives raided the suspect’s house where on conducting a thorough search¬†found;

  • ¬†Two Global Systems for Mobile communications (GSM), one fitted with 512 simcards
  • Four Internet Routers
  • A GSM Skyline inserted with 64 Safaricom simcards

The DCI reports the confiscation of these items including

  • over 500 sim cards
  • 25 modems.
  • In specific: 83 Airtel simcards and 76 Safaricom simcards
  • An Electric Inverter
  • HP laptop and mobile handset among others

It has since been established that the widely traveled suspect is a computer science expert. They even claim that he is from a local university and he sends espionage materials to a country in the West.

To put this in simpler terms, the guy simply does what we call “call termination”.

Have you ever received a call say from Europe or America but it displays a local number like Safaricom or Airtel? Now that’s it. He terminates the foreign number and takes over the call then earns his money.


Some claim that he is getting assistance from insiders in the two major telcos. No accusations are being made to this so far.

At the moment, he is in custody as further investigations continue.

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