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Twitter Claims Hour-Long Outage Wasn’t a Hack

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As many Kenyans were probably asleep, Twitter seems to have experienced a massive downtime in various countries across the world. According to a report by The Verge, users began to report problems they were having sending tweets and refreshing their timelines. This began shortly after 12.30 am Kenyan time (5.30 pm ET). About one and a half hours later, the site seemed to be getting back to normal.

Twitter, later on, responded to news outlets saying, “We have no evidence of a security breach or hack, and we’re currently investigating internal causes.”

Then the microblogging site posted a similar message on its status page and Support account.

Such a response can be found reasonable mostly because the last time Twitter had issues was not a pretty affair. It ended up with some of the world’s highest profiles being hacked and having their accounts used to post a deceiving message. This led to thousands of users getting conned and losing money simply because they thought the cryptocurrency messages were legit.

However, the last major outage on Twitter occurred in February this year. Luckily, that one still allowed users to find a way around it by scheduling tweets. This recent outage reportedly didn’t have a useable workaround.

Sending DMs during the hour-long outage seemed to be the only thing working.

As it seems Twitter didn’t seem to notice the outage initially as the API status website said everything was operational. At 12.56 pm EAT, Twitter then posted a message saying,” Investigating— We are currently investigating this issue. More updates to come.”

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