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Beware of This Fake News Going Around Regarding Schools Reopening

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WhatsApp is known for notoriously spreading fake news and now it has come to our attention that as the rest of the country looks to prepare their children to go back to school, someone is spreading fake news regarding schools reopening.

The Cabinet Secretary for education announced that pupils in grade 4 and 8 will be going back to school. However, in the tweet @AllyBHustler002 states otherwise

Fake News Spreading About Schools Reopening

The tweet above goes on to state that this is because of a pending case filed against activist Okiya Omtata. Interestingly, based on our research, no such case exists and no such announcement has come to light.

Should there be an announcement like that, you will most definitely hear it from the official sources. For now, if you were preparing, keep at it.

So far the only news following the same topic is that the Gov’t will release funds to run public schools from tomorrow. This goes in contrast with what the likes of @AllyBHustler002 are saying.

Schools are still set to reopen on 12th OCT 2020, for grade 4, grade 8 pupils and form 4 students. They will go on with their studies following a few breaks and a final exam on March 21st 2021.

We are yet to know how they plan to integrate this with other students in different grades. Till then, steer clear of fake news and only take news from our national TV stations.

Learners will be expected to wear face masks, have their body temperatures checked, and observe high levels of hygiene.

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