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Search Trends Reveal Kenyans Turned To Google For School-Related Information

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A new report from Google reveals that Kenya was ranked top 2 amongst the top countries searching for ‘Teacher’ and other school-related terms in 2020.

The report also came at a time when the world was celebrating teachers on Monday, 5th October 2020. There were so many other academic-related words searched in which Kenya turned to be among the top.

The word ‘School’, for instance, had Kenya at number 11 among countries searching for it. Top at the list is Saudia Arabia, followed by Portugal, Italy, France and the United States, in that order. Ghana led the list in the African countries with the highest interest in the topic with Kenya coming in third after Egypt.

It is reasonable to see why many Kenyans would search for these terms in 2020 considering the unexpected occurrences we’ve had. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted the government to order the closure of all schools countrywide forcing parents to look for other means of having their children continue learning while at home.

According to Google, the search interest for ‘Homeschooling’ in March reached its highest level in over 10 years not just in Kenya but also worldwide. This also saw the rise in demand for e-learning tools which many companies including Google launched.

However, we probably will see a drop in these searches as many countries try to get back to normal over the last few weeks. Kenya had the Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha order the reopening of schools come Monday, 12th October 2020. This is a decision that has been opposed by many saying that it is too rushed.

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