Bolt Lite Officially Comes To Nakuru and Kisumu with More Affordable Rides

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In a launch today from Bolt Kenya, the taxi platform has announced an affordable ride option in Nakuru and Kisumu. They call it Bolt Lite and it targets those who are looking for more affordable rides.

Bolt Lite Comes to Nakuru and Kisumu

The company states that the Bolt Lite category aims to make rides more affordable to customers. For the average consumer, this translates to more trips, hence stronger earnings for drivers.

According to Bolt, a more affordable priced category will increase the number of rides and decrease the time drivers spend waiting for the next order.

The new category adds to the existing ride options on the platform that includes:

  1. The Base option
  2.  XL for those that are feeling the need for space and luxury
  3. Protect: Which offers protection against the spread of Covid-19.
  4. The Lite Category: It is optional depending on the engine rating of the vehicle.

With this platform, it can allow drivers the flexibility to switch between other categories. All this can be done in the platform and Bolt Lite at one click.

Ola Akinnusi, Country Manager at Bolt, had this to say,

“We launched Bolt Lite in Nairobi in 2019 to give customers more options to choose from. With Bolt, we can meet their dynamic needs while we continue to provide affordable and convenient transportation services to everyone. We have seen tremendous support from both our customers and drivers.  We are looking into meeting the increasing demand from Kisumu and Nakuru for the same service.”

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  1. […] Bolt expects this more affordably priced category will “increase the number of rides and decrease the time drivers spend waiting for the next order,” writes Gadgets Africa. […]

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