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Facebook Will Get Rid of its Original White and Blue Look For Good

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Anyone that has anything to do with social media can easily recognise Facebook‘s “classic” interface. However, it seems like a good time to say hello to the design as Facebook will be getting rid of it in September.

This was spotted on Facebook’s support page saying everyone will soon have the new design. Although one can switch to the old interface currently, the button now warns that “the classic Facebook will no longer be available starting in September.”

The new design was announced last year at Facebook’s developer conference and was initially rolled out on Android and iOS. March 2020 then saw the new look get a widespread release on desktop as an opt-in feature, leaving people free to continue using the old design if they want to. Come September though, the classic look will be gone for good.

The new interface has obviously been a huge change especially for the loyal users that have been on Facebook for a long time. It is much cleaner and has whiter as the more dominant colour. Users that aren’t into bright colours are also lucky enough to switch to the dark mode.

Facebook also seems to focus a lot on the service’s Groups features, as well as prominently displaying links to Facebook’s Watch, Marketplace, and Gaming sections in its top navigation bar.

This was a much-needed update for Facebook but it’s definitely hard to see it ever bringing back any users that had already left the service. Perhaps there is much more to be done than just a physical change.

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