Safaricom Web App Now Lets You Track How Much Data and Airtime You Use

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Safaricom is testing a new feature on its web app that lets you track how much data and airtime you spend at a given amount of time.

Safaricom Web App: Airtime and Data Transparency

With the new web app feature, Safaricom says that you will be able to track your data and airtime consumption across different apps. The app currently lets you check your account balances and subscriptions. You can even join Postpay from here and get your PUK number.

How To Access this feature
  1. Login to the web app via your phone. Just like the mySafaricom App, you will have to use your data to log in to the app. You can not use a desktop to access this feature.
  2. From here you will receive a One Time Password (OTP) that you will use to verify your phone number.
  3. After this you can now track your data and airtime usage

**Safaricom says the feature is still in the ‘testing’ phase and the results may not be accurate as of yet.

Here are a few screenshots on how the app currently looks like and works:

In my opinion, I would have thought that I spent more data but then again this is not accurate so I will not complain. Other than that, the app is pretty responsive and shows correctly the apps I have used and pages I have visited.

The app also shows airtime usage and that one seems pretty accurate. It shows you what amount you have spent on calls, SMS’s and Subscriptions. The subscription section will show you the date and time of the subscription, its description and the charge.

The SMS and call section will also show you who you called/texted, at what time and how much it cost. Once it’s fully up and running, it will be great to see what really drains my airtime and data bundles.

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