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Kenyans React After Influencer Azziad Nasenya’s Rate Card Surfaced Online

Azziad Rate Card
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Well, we’re back again with another compelling story about Azziad. Last we spoke of her, Twitter Keyboard warriors found a voice and reason to troll her based on her content. Now it looks like Azziad is trending again but for more positive reasons; her ‘extravagant’ rate card.

A little backstory on Azziad

Initially, Azziad was already pretty big on TikTok. She had a substantial following and a verification badge to her name.

A few weeks ago, Azziad posted an innocent video jamming to Femmi One and Mejja’s, Utawezana song. The video made its way to Twitter and that’s when things took a booming turn.

Road To Stardom

After this video hit the streets and got about 600k views, her path to stardom could not stop going! This path widened so much so that it led to her getting a leading role in the popular Kenyan Telenovela, ‘Selina’.

The role and video combined made her even more famous than she already was. Currently, Azziad has 125k followers on Twitter, 491K followers on TikTok and 534K followers on Instagram.

Due to her success, the TikTok star has taken to the influencer market and her rate card fell to Twitter hands. Now she’s the number one trending topic and Kenyans can’t keep their calm.

Azziad Rate Card; Twitter Reacts

According to her rate card, it costs KES 100,000 to feature on her videos on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Additionally, it costs KES 250,000 for a week-long engagement.

The price seems pretty fair according to how much other influencers normally charge. Take, for example, Kylie Jenner who charges almost KES 100 million per post.

Fortunately or unfortunately, many people have taken to Twitter to express their feelings to her rate card.

Some are looking to practise their way into TikTok fame:

Another group wonders why they had to go to school…

Then, of course, there are the supporters:

Then there are some who would rather pay for Facebook promotions than comply with the Azziad standard rate card:

Is influencer marketing a game-changer for you?

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