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Check Out This Budget Weird Looking Electric Car That Moves on Three Wheels

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If you are as old or as young as I am then you clearly remember the funny blue car from the Mr Bean show. And while you may wonder why a car gets to be hilarious, just know it’s not because of the colour. Rather it is the unique number of wheels it drove. Well, it seems like someone decided to bring it to life quite recently.

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American automotive company, Sondors is one that has been venturing into electric vehicles for a number of years. The firm kicked off in 2015 with an electric bike that proved to be quite popular across different countries.

Later on, in 2019, Sondors decided to finally go into electric cars. Inspired by the video game Gran Turismo, the firm worked with Italian to develop a shape that references the language of Ferrari.

And yes, the car packs a striking look upfront. But this would get you a little excited only until you went to the back to see not two wheels but just one. Of course, the back design would be very subjective but is a definite head-turner.

More to that, the three-wheeled vehicle has two front seats and only one at the back. According to various reviews, the back is surprisingly comfortable and compact since there are no components at the sides.

Depending on the car’s lithium-ion battery, one can get a range of 120, 241 and 321 km. Weighing just 816kg, the vehicle accelerates decently moving from 0-96km/h in 5-8 seconds.

Of course, we would keep talking about the specs and interior but all that fascinates about it is the three wheels. The fact that it is one wheel at the back rather than the front dazzles even more. Moreover, why would a manufacturer think of such a design?

Well, Sondors did make it clear that the main goal with the car was to change the game in the world of electric transportation. But that just goes to show you how advanced the automotive industry has become for developed countries.

The car was priced at about KES 1 million ($10,000) but we certainly cannot tell whether it even got to sell as there is no further info about that. What we are sure of is that it would definitely not be your average car let alone an electric one.

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