OPPO 125W Tech Will Charge Phones in Just 20 Minutes

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OPPO has today revealed its next generation of VOOC charging technologies for smartphones. This was obviously headlined by the super-quick 125W wired charging spec. This is double the wattage of the 65W charging spec that was launched last year.

This new Flash Charge, according to OPPO, will refill a dead 4000mAh battery to 41% in just five minutes. Juicing it up all the way to 100% will take you only 20 minutes. Keep in mind that this will happen while still maintaining your device’s temperature below 40ºC.

Interestingly, the charger is around the same size as the current 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 brick. The only difference would be the use of a USB-C port instead of the Type-A connector.

OPPO did also promise that the new charger will support 65W USB Power Delivery and 125W PPS (Programmable Power Supply) for other devices.

65W Wireless Charger


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This was announced alongside the company’s new wireless charger that is also the fastest. The new 65W AirVOOC charger will refill a 4000mAh battery from dead in 30 minutes. This will work pretty much the same as the wired 65W charger. And like the 125W charger, OPPO says that the device will remain under the same 40ºC temperature threshold.

The concept AirVOOC wireless charger that was shown by OPPO also features active cooling. This will be done by drawing in air from the top and letting out through the base. OPPO also said that the charger packs a semiconductor cooler at its base. This helps keep the back of the phone up to 2°C lower than using a fan alone.

Additionally, it is also Qi-compatible for non-Oppo devices at lower power levels.

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