Samsung Smartphone Parts Worth KES 35M Stolen During Shipping

samsung phones charger in the box
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Mobile phone parts are basically the essential bits of production for all manufacturers. Because of this, they tend to be worth a whole lot of money and it’s not uncommon for them to attract thieves. Well, it seems like Samsung has had its turn as a large quantity was lost to a heist during transport.

As reported, the shipment was hit by six criminals in Noida, India. These parts were apparently getting moved from Samsung‘s largest mobile phone manufacturing facility in the location to a warehouse. These parts, according to Samsung, were valued at about KES 35 million ($330,000) at prevailing exchange rates.

Luckily, the company worked well with the Noida Police and arrested six suspects and seized three trucks. Additionally, none of the parts was lost since the police recovered 56 boxes in the trucks containing all the stolen parts.

The primary suspects, who are currently in custody, are said to be involved in the company’s transport works. Reportedly, they worked together with scrap dealers, a truck driver and a person in whose home the stolen goods were kept.

The heist’s mastermind apparently drove the truck that had these valuable parts as cargo.  However, he claimed that he had already delivered the shipment to the warehouse and parked the truck at his home. He discovered only when he returned in the morning that all of the boxes containing the parts were missing.

The other co-conspirators were caught red-handed trying to sell off the goods over the weekend. These were 47 boxes as the remaining were found in Delhi by the authorities. Currently, legal proceedings are ongoing against the accused.

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