Kenya Government Launches Online Marriage Services

kenya online marriage services
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As everything moves to the digital space, it seems like we will have the most fundamental aspects of life shift as well. The Kenyan government has now launched online marriage services. This is in a bid to get rid of the huge traffic at Sheria House thus curbing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There will be no more manual services at the registrar of marriage at Sheria House as all services will be available online,” said State Law Office Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Winnie Guchu.

“We do not want any couple coming for services at Sheria House unless it is of utmost importance.”

Marriage services at the government office had been suspended in May. This was done as a measure against the outbreak following a spike of clients at the registrar that was causing a dilemma.

Sheria House used to record about 400 clients during low season and 600 clients during the high season months of August and December. The call-off in May alone saw the suspension of 2,551 marriages, according to officials.

“When we resumed, only 700 couples were willing to postpone their weddings however we were left with a bulk of 1,841 couples. We are hoping that more people will postpone their weddings so we can manage the numbers,” Winnie Guchu added on.

Couples that intend to get married will now have to log onto the eCitizen portal, register their details, pay for the marriage fee. They will then have to book a pre-marriage interview on the site followed by an appointment for the wedding to be officiated by the registrar.

“After completion of registration on the platform, couples will still be given 21-days’ notice for approval just as it was in the manual process. However, this process will be first rolled out in Nairobi, and thereafter in other counties after the platform takes root,” the CAS noted.

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