Latest PS5 Price Leak Reveals The Console Will Not Be Cheap After All

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Ever since the PS5 was revealed a few weeks ago, all everyone wants to know now is the official price. In fact, many viewers of Sony’s live event simply wanted to know how much they will be parting with once the console launches for sale.

Just as it was prior to the design reveal, Sony has been really quiet about the price and will probably remain so for a while.  But that hasn’t stopped rumours from coming out every now and then about the possible pricing. Even Amazon was even involved after one was spotted but later taken down.

Now, it is expected that the PS5 console will cost about $499 (approximately KES 53,000) globally. This is according to a somewhat reliable leaker IronManPS5 who took to Twitter claiming this.

This obviously goes in line with what many reports are speculating right now. He also revealed that the Digital Edition is expected to be cheaper by about KES 10,000 compared to the disk drive-equipped sibling. This means it might launch at a $399 (about KES 43,000) starting price internationally.

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But knowing the devastating amounts of tax that gadgets go through while shipping to Kenya, this will make you have to save up so much more than you expected. Normally, consoles end up costing more by about KES 20,000 in  Kenyan stores. So, to be safe, one will have to part with almost up to KES 70,000 for the main console and about KES 60,000 for the Digital Edition. This will also vary depending on the store you choose to get yours.

In the meantime, all we can do is wait for what Sony reveals in the next few months. But it is clear that the company is playing the waiting game with Microsoft as they are expected to give more information about the Xbox Series X soon. So, will you still be getting the PS5?

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  3. I will have 2 that I will be bringing to Kenya in December. Where can I sell them?

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