Apple Music New Update Adds Gapless Playback For Android Users

Image courtesy Android Central

Apple Music for Android might not be the best music streaming platform but its developers are looking to change that. A new update 3.30 has started rolling out with some changes including gapless playback support.

This latest update, as reported by Android Police appears to be enabled in the app by default so you won’t have to manually update the app. Gapless playback effectively means that the time in-between a track ending and the next starting disappears.

This is meant to make certain albums and playlists much more seamless to listen to, as many users prefer a continuous listening experience.

The new enhancement is also set to be alongside more tweaks and improvements that might appease Apple Music subscribers. Music downloads have been improved in the app for Android as well.

According to Android Police, downloads are now tracked better while tracks are more explicit when saved to local device storage than previously.

Other enhancements are said to extend further to the interface and navigation which has always felt a few steps behind the iOS version. However, the app’s performance has apparently not improved as significantly as you would expect.

It is clear to many subscribers that the Android version of Apple Music will always be the second citizen in Apple’s eyes. You will still find the app lagging once in a while or even failing to respond completely.

But this new update might be the part of a bigger effort by the company to bring a better experience to Android users. Obviously, it will take a long time before we get to what iOS users enjoy.

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