Apple Reported To Be Working on Its First Ever Foldable iPhone

Image courtesy MacRumors

Just as more iPhone 12 leaks continue to surface, another big rumour about upcoming Apple devices just made its way into the internet. The American company is apparently working on a foldable iPhone meant to be its first. This new form factor for the manufacturer is, however, meant to have two separate but ‘fairly continuous’ panels.

The new rumour came as a report from tech YouTuber Jon Prosser who claims the current prototype will not feature a single display that can be bent like the Galaxy Fold. We would be quick to dismiss this altogether, but you should know that Jon Prosser has been known to be right about a number of predictions.

This would mean that Apple is deciding to go the direction of Microsoft Surface Neo or LG V60 Thin Q that have two screens but still fall under the ‘foldable’ category. But based on Prosser’s information, Apple will apparently try to make the screens look “fairly continuous and seamless,” if not necessarily perfectly unblemished.

Reportedly, the phone will not have a notch. The general design will feature rounded steel designs, unlike the iPhone 12 that is reported to go for a boxier look with flat sides.

However, another well-known leaker, @OnLeaks seemed to call some of Prosser’s information into question.

But Prosser still stood by his sources in what looked like a heated conversation:

It could just be that @OnLeaks doubts some of Prosser’s details or the whole rumour altogether. But this is not a first-time rumour as it had been making rounds even before Samsung made the Galaxy Fold official. According to MacRumors, reports of a flexible iPhone date all the way back to 2016. Additionally, a patent filed earlier this year describes a device that is similar to what Prosser is going with. None of this can be outrightly believed until Apple makes it official.

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