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The PS5 Design is Already Receiving Ridiculous Memes on Twitter

PS5 memes
Image courtesy Twitter/@Vontadeh

Sony took its time on yesterday’s live stream event to finally reveal the highly anticipated PS5 design. Surely, anyone that says that the console doesn’t look good would be a terrible lie. The white chassis that seems to cover up the black strip housing the ports makes anyone just eager for the official release scheduled to take place later this year.

But the design seems to look familiar to some people on social media as memes and mock-ups are already flying in thick and fast. Twitter users, in particular, are notorious for these whenever any new gadget is usually revealed by a tech company. We got this with the iPhone 11 in 2019 and the PS5 is not any special.

One feature that seems to stand out is the white cover that seems to flap over the unit. The material hasn’t been revealed but it does like plastic which has some people questioning its durability. Others are already describing its as just a fancy looking router.


To others, the curves that the PS5 owns unlike the very symmetrical Xbox Series X makes it resemble one of those modern skyscrapers with striking looks.

The flapping cover to others is starting to look like what we saw in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.


Before the PS5 reveal, it was clear than the PlayStation fanatics really didn’t have much to brag about the console. Xbox Series X players though had every reason to call their new console the best there is. The unveiling though seems to have given them a chance to get back at the Xbox Series X that most people seem to have already forgotten about already.

Despite all that, a greater part of the fans’ reactions has been trying to reimagine how the console would look like in other colours other than the dominant white.

What is clear though is that the console has everyone talking and now what everyone wants to know is the pricing. Hopefully, Sony will not cost us the same as a piece of land.

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