Huawei’s Upcoming Phones To Feature Under-Display Camera- Report

Image courtesy LetsGoDigital

A new Huawei smartphone with extremely rounded edges has been spotted in the company’s patents with an in-display selfie camera. The two patents that were discovered by LetsGoDigital revealed a phone at different angles with the same design but different rear camera modules, suggesting that they could be two different models.

What strikes though is the completely bezel-less display with extremely curved edges stretching all the way to the back of the phone. This is a design that some of Huawei’s rivals have tried to avoid following complaints from users who have owned previous models.

Noticeably, there is no hole punch or teardrop notch on the screen for the front camera, which would imply Huawei’s plans to adopt an under-screen selfie camera on this one.


Image courtesy LetsGoDigital

With the curved display, one can also observe that the mysterious phone does not have any volume or power buttons at the side. However, LetsGoDigital noted that the power button is set to be on top of the phone with the potential of the volume buttons being displayed virtually via a sidebar. This could make sense owing to 2019’s Mate 30 series that featured the same.

Meanwhile, both patents do reveal a USB-C port at the bottom of the phone. However, one of them shows a phone with a vertically aligned triple system while the other shows a rounded quad-camera system similar to the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

With the phone in two separate patents, it is expected for Huawei to implement both designs on upcoming P-series and Mate line up. But then again, patents aren’t always executed and this could end up being trashed in the long run.

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