Setting This Image As Your Wallpaper Might Crash Your Smartphone


Leaker Ice Universe tweeted that there’s an image that if you set as your wallpaper, causes a bug on Android. This bug currently affects a range of handsets including Samsung and Google Pixel phones, among others. Setting the photo as your wallpaper causes the screen to immediately start turning on and off. Here is the image:

Android Wallpaper

How Does The Wallpaper Affect Your Android?

The issue may be caused when certain phones don’t support the colour space used by the image. The image uses the RGB colour space, while many Android phones prefer SRGB.

This makes it unusable. Rebooting a phone won’t fix the issue. According to 9to5Google, you can:

  1. Restart your phone into safe mode
  2. Delete the image file as a potential fix, or
  3. Factory reset your device to get things back to normal.

The bug does not affect everyone but most of the Samsung and Google pixel phones are affected. However, do not try this with your

This being the issue, a fairly simple fix might be available for any phones that suffer from this issue. An XDA-Developers report states that one developer has already submitted a patch to AOSP to resolve the issue.

This is not new to phones. Something like this happened to Apple a few months ago. Earlier this year, a bug was found in iOS 13 that caused iPhones to crash when displaying a certain emoji.

A few years ago, there was even a five-second video that could cause iPhones to crash. You should probably steer clear from this image until a fix is widely available. You can follow the conversation here:

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