Here’s How Much It Will Cost You To Get A DJ Live Streaming License in Kenya


Last week, the Kenya Copyright Board noted when a DJ starts a live stream, they would be declared a radio station and thus they would need a license. This issue raised a bit of concern within the entertainment community, especially DJ’s. So now, The Kenya Copyright Board has sent out a clarification of the rates of these licenses.

DJ License Rates To Live Stream Recorded Music In Kenya

So that you don’t have to read through the entirety of the clarifications below, here is a breakdown of the information.

  1. A DJ will be required to pay for a license from the Collective Management Organization(CMO). This applies to DJ’s whose original premises did not have a license already. The license can be paid for in two ways:
    1. Annually @ KES 10,000
    2. Per gig/event @ KES 750
  2. DJ’s are susceptible to the app they use to live stream their music. Recorded music is subject to many rights and the technological measures may trigger copyright issues.  This means that the Copyright Board recommends that you follow all copyright laws of the platform you are using.

Be it Instagram, YouTube or even Facebook, all these platforms have different copyright rules. You need to get yourself familiar with these copyrights before you go on with your stream.

Below is the clarification of rates from the Kenya Copyright Board:

In Kenya, the Copyright Act provides for fair use or fair dealing. This is for the purposes of scientific research, private use, criticism or review. It also includes the reporting of current events subject to acknowledgement of the source.

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