Google Comes To TikTok’s Rescue By Removing 1 Star Reviews On Play Store

TikTok Reviews

According to a tweet, Google is deleting the negative reviews TikTok has been receiving from the Indian community. Currently, over a million ratings on the Play Store for TikTok have been deleted. The number of reviews has come down from 28 million to 27 million.

This means that in the coming weeks, Google might delete additional reviews, restoring the old rating of the TikTok app.

What Led To The Negative TikTok Reviews


Amir Siddiqui, a famous Indian TikToker, released an IGTV video criticizing India’s YouTube community, angering a lot of users. In the video, Amir alleges that YouTubers are making money out of TikTok content. He states that the YouTubers are stealing and copying content from TikTok.

As a response CarryMinati, A YouTuber known for his roast videos, released a video roasting Amir. The video garnered over 70 million views within a week, making it his most famous video. However, here’s where things veered off course. 

Amir started a campaign against cyberbullying and as a result, the video is no longer on YouTube. Reports claim that it is ‘violating the Terms of Service’. After this, many of Carry’s followers went over to TikTok on the PlayStore to post negative reviews.

It is also interesting to note that the rating of TikTok on iOS is still at 3.5 stars.  Considering the recent development, Google might remove additional TikTok reviews. This will include reviews created using a new Google account to in a bid to restore the original rating of the app.

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