Here’s How To Make A Reverse Call On Safaricom

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The concept of reverse call is still young since it was introduced to Safaricom subscribers sometime last year. However, it is reasonable to assume that not everyone knows how it really works or even how to execute it.

A Safaricom reverse call lets the caller hand over the charges to the receiver. In English, the person you called gets to pay for the call instead of you. All Safaricom users are eligible for this service as well. However, you should know that the service only works for Safaricom tot Safaricom calls and not other networks.

So all you have to do is type # before the number of the one you wish to call. So that will be #07xx xxx xxx.

Once you place the call, the phone will ring as usual and when the recipient picks up the call, they will be greeted with a prompt, alerting them that they will be charged for the call, “You have received a reverse call request…” starts the voice prompt.

The charges remain standard and the service is only applicable to Safaricom – Safaricom calls. If the recipient accepts the charges, the call shall be connected as usual, however, if they reject the charges, the call will be disconnected and you (the caller) will receive an SMS alerting you that your reverse call was unsuccessful and then asks you to top up or okoa jahazi.

From our tests, the reverse call will only connect if the recipient has airtime, if they don’t, the call will simply be disconnected when you try to place it.

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