Expiring vs Non-Expiring Data Bundles: Which Should You Get?

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The data bundles plan system across telecom companies in Kenya isn’t what you would particularly describe as perfect or even affordable. This is when you mostly consider the high rates as well as the fact the data is limited to a set usage period. Luckily though, these firms have been competing to get the cheapest options and packages when it comes to data, SMS and call minutes.

On data bundles specifically, there had also been complaints from Kenyans on the time limits that seemed to waste a great deal of the subscribers’ money. This can mainly be related to the 24-hour bundles that seemed to expire before one could ever get to fully exhaust what they actually purchased. So these companies had to step up and introduce a new plan dubbed “non-expiring” data bundles late last year. This was for anyone that wishes to purchase data without any time limit. But how effective are these packages compared to the expiring data?

What Safaricom Offers

Dialling *544# (or *555# for BLAZE tariff) does get you numerous options but two of them will surely catch your eye. This could mostly be because Safaricom has them in all caps or the fact that you have wanted to buy data bundles without an expiry date. On the time-limited section, however, you do get much more options which are 24-hour, weekly and monthly packages.

Daily bundles include:

7MB + 7 SMS for KES 10

25MB + 25 SMS for KES 20

200MB + 200 SMS + free WhatsApp for KES 50

1GB + 200 SMS + free WhatsApp for KES 100

Weekly bundles include:

100MB at KES 50

350MB + free WhatsApp for KES 100

1GB + free WhatsApp for KES 250

4GB + free WhatsApp for KES 500

The 30-day long bundles consist of:

350MB for KES 250

3GB + free WhatsApp for KES 500

7.5GB + free WhatsApp for KES 1000

20GB + free WhatsApp for KES 2000

There isn’t much of an option when it comes to the ones without an expiry date since, well, they are meant to last forever.

20MB at KES10

70MB at KES20

175MB for KES 50

500MB for KES 100

2.5 GB for KES 500

The list obviously goes on as the price goes higher. As you can already note the non-expiry data offers no free WhatsApp or SMS bundles which would throw some people off. Fortunately, users can buy the bundles for any specific amount as you just have to key in and get feedback on how much data you get. So, which one would you get?

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  1. This post is no different from the one that sun rises from east to west; it has no analytical bit at all. Eg night bundle of 3GB from midnight to 6am from airtel, safaricom had theirs also dubbed club bundles at same timing, are these are using different network or the same as 20bob for 24 hrs bundles 200MBs? Call it marketing or any hell bent enticement, it’s all lack of consumer protection and provider regulation enabled by consumer gullibility.

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