Uber is Working On a Way To Detect Drivers and Passengers Not Wearing Masks


Masks not only reduce the chances of infection but also increase trust for both sides. Thus, the company has confirmed to CNN Business that it’s requiring face masks for both drivers and passengers.

Uber COVID-19 Prevention Measures

Uber is developing technology to detect whether or not drivers are abiding by those rules. The requirement will take place in the coming weeks.

The company already has face verification capabilities as part of its “Real Time ID-check” used to verify the identity of drivers. This requires the drivers to take selfies throughout the day. So the company might use this to implement this requirement.

Ride-hailing has taken a huge hit in recent weeks with the reduction of movement in the country but they are still managing to keep afloat. There are still people who need to move around and essentials still need to get to those who need it. However, this is not as sustainable as Uber would like it to be.

It might also be necessary for the survival of the company. The Information has claimed that Uber is looking at laying off roughly 20 per cent of its staff. Job cuts like these could help the companies weather declines for a while, but they might not be enough if would-be customers remain frightened.

Governments are slowly lifting their lockdown restrictions around the world and Uber is looking to take advantage of this. The company already supplies masks and disinfectants to drivers and this policy might help revitalize its business.


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  1. […] Drivers Mask verification. All Uber riders and drivers will be required to wear a mask or face covering when taking a trip. In the driver’s case, before they go online they will be asked to take a selfie to verify they are wearing a mask. […]

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