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How Would You Spend Bill Gates’ Money?


Most of us already know that Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are two of the richest people in the world. Their contributions towards the tech world at large have put them at the top of Forbes’ list and we couldn’t help but wonder, what it would feel like to spend their money. So we went searching and this is what we found.

Spend Bill Gates’ Money

We managed to get a site that lets you spend Bill Gates’ money. It’s by neal.fun and simply titled ‘Spend Bill Gates’ Money. You get KES 9 Trillion to spend leaving Bill with about 1 Trillion Change. Yes, he still has some money left. We bought the craziest most expensive things on the list and we only managed to make a dent in his finances.

It’s sad that you can’t actually spend the money and get these things but it’s fun to know what you could have.

Let’s better understand how rich this man is. Gates has an estimated net worth of KES 10.2 Trillion. Business Insider calculated that his salary per second would be KES 38,000. This means that it wouldn’t be worth his time to pick up a KES 10,000 lying on the ground!

He could write 100 million shilling cheques, every day for the next 285 years before running out of money. He could also give everyone in the world KES 1000 and still have over KES 3 Trillion left over.

Jeff Bezos

As for Jeff  Bezos, there is a site as well but it’s a bit different.

At the annual earnings rate, Business Insider calculates that he earns than KES 21.5 Billion a day in the last 12 months.

It would take a person earning KES 4 Million a year, over 21,000 years to accumulate KES 1oo billion. And if you wanted to make as much as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, whose net worth is estimated to be more than KES 13 Trillion, count on almost 2.8 million years of work.

How would you spend their money?

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