Google Will Now Tell You When It Doesn’t Know The Answer To Your Question

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Ever wonder if what your searching for on Google is ‘good enough’? Well, Google is adding a new feature to search that will let you know when it thinks the results it’s offering aren’t that good.

Google Search Feature

“It looks like there aren’t any great matches for your search.”

This is the message that will read before prompting users with suggestions that may help get better results. Google is adding features left and right and here’s a new one yet again.

Currently, Google will tell you if there aren’t any results. However, this is rare considering the internet keeps getting bigger and bigger. Here’s an example of how good the indexing is now. This a random search we did and there are still results for it!


Google also offers recommendations for more accurate spelling and phrasing. This is to help minimize bad searches. For example, when you type out consikwences… trust Google to bail you out.

However, the company admits that  sometimes, the results that it comes up with just aren’t particularly helpful. Even in the deep seas of what we now call the world wide web, some searches just don’t have good results.

Google says that the feature shouldn’t show up too often but the feature should be a useful addition. Sometimes, knowing that an answer isn’t out there can be almost as helpful as finding the answer in the first place.

Tell us what you think about this feature.

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