SafeBoda Shop Launched To Provide Essential Services Delivery In Nairobi

SafeBoda Shop

SafeBoda Kenya, the ride-hailing app has launched a delivery service and they are calling it the SafeBoda Shop. The feature, added to the native app, lets you order and purchase goods that will be delivered right to you from local and mini markets.


SafeBoda Shop

The move comes amidst the Coronavirus induced curfew that has Kenyans stuck at home. The President allowed the movement of food and essential products and that is what SafeBoda aims to deliver to you.

The entire app lets you hail bodabodas, order food and now, lets you order groceries as well. The feature has been added to their recently introduced Food delivery service. The orders are catered for your specific location and you can order both food and groceries directly to your house.

The groceries include essentials like milk, bread, UNGA, canned foods and more. The prices are fairly reasonable and the delivery service should ease the stress of having to visit the supermarket.

How To Use SafeBoda Shop

  1. Download The App
  2. Sign Up and click the tab, Food and Shop
  3. Scroll down to the shop of your choice
  4. Tap on and select the items you would like to purchase
  5. Pay using the in-app wallet or via M-Pesa
  6. Wait for delivery.

Other delivery services like Glovo are already doing their part to help transport essentials to people in need everywhere in Nairobi. Stay Safe and Stay Home.

**The delivery is free for now…

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