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Social Media Thought It Was Fake, Turns Out You Can See Mount Kenya From Nairobi

Mount Kenya
Image courtesy Osman Siddiqi

“The earth is breathing…” has been a popular caption all over social media and by now you are probably sick and tired of seeing these posts all over your feed. And yes, people have taken to Twitter or Instagram posting fake photos of how they can spot the graceful Mount Kenya from their windows or balconies.

But what if it was actually true that you can see the mountain all the way from Nairobi? Well, one Nairobi resident, Osman Siddiqi, was lucky enough to spot the mountain all the way from a building in the city and immediately took a photo.

Standing on a seventh-story balcony in One Africa Place along Chiromo Road last month, Osman took his single-lens reflex camera with a telephoto lens and was quick to capture the moment and let everyone know about it.

According to him, he had been able to see Mount Kenya from the balcony before but a lot blurrier than in his latest photo.

“In some sense, this was the laziest photograph ever, and I’m a little sad that all the birds I’ve been photographing that have taken time and effort and patience don’t get nearly as much attention,” Osman said speaking to NPR.

This has even raised the question of whether the ongoing movement restriction policies in Nairobi has helped in clearing the air. Normally, you would expect lots of activities and way too much traffic that have proven to pollute the air with time. After all, the same has been reported in various countries like China.


But Kenyans are well known for drawing humour out of everything, right? So, other than shocking people everywhere, the posts blew up only to later become a meme. So, yeah, that is why you have been seeing this kind of posts a lot lately. While many are busy creating memes for a few small laughs, a few have discovered the power of webinars and their associated benefits with WebinarCare.

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  1. I can see lake Victoria from the top of Mt kenya

  2. On clear sky ,I can see indian ocean from kajiado county

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