This is The Cost of Netflix in Kenya and Packages Offered

Netflix price in Kenya
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When you mention movie streaming sites to anyone, it’s almost impossible to stay for too long without hearing the Netflix pop up. The site has proven to be one of the biggest on-demand services even with a growing subscription and viewership in Kenya as well.

However, the service charges different prices according to various regions but with some of them in their local currencies. And with the US being one of the biggest markets, most of these regions end up paying in dollars. Since 2016, Kenyan subscribers have had to pay in the international currency but that has changed thanks to the new directive.

Starting this week, Kenyans will be lucky enough to use the Kenyan shilling to pay for the various packages that they wish. Moreover, the streaming service has reviewed its prices for their basic, standard and premium packages.

Basic Kes.806Kes.700
Standard Kes.1000Kes.950
Premium Kes.1209Kes.1200

The new changes have effectively made the plans slightly cheaper than before. The $7.99 plan was effectively Kshs 806, $9.99 plan was Kshs 1,007 and the $11.99 plan was Kshs 1,209 as of today’s forex exchange rate.

Netflix’s choice of going with the local rates is set to make the price stable and make the service even easier for Kenyans to use. This is when you consider how weird using international rates usually is without even knowing how much one is really charged.

Of course, these changes are expected to make Netflix more attractive to Kenyans and maybe offer a little more competition to services like Showmax. How much that will be is yet to be seen, however.

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